I am available for bootcamps and clinics, from 2 hours to multi-day events. Please email me or message me on Facebook, so we can discuss this.

Examples of classes I teach:

On skates

Skate Faster with Less Effort: Breaking Down Proper Technique
We will break down the proper skating technique in several phases to help you skate faster with less effort. We will review the basic position, the different phases of the straightaway stride, the different phases of the crossover, and how to keep your hips and shoulders in the proper alignment for maximum speed and efficiency. The “hip-scooping,” an often forgotten but critical aspect of speed will be explained in depth. We will also discuss the best rhythm and track pattern for skating tests such as the 5-minute test.

Fancy footwork and agility
Ever wondered how you can get your feet to move quicker? The answer is in technique. Proper alignment will allow you to fire your muscles faster and in the right order, which will turn your feet into tap dancing machines, on skates. Agility comes from the entire body, not just the feet. After reviewing the proper technique and body positioning, we will go over a variety a drills to become more agile in different situations: jammers being blocked, blockers chasing jammers, evasion techniques, etc.

The juke
10-step approach to learning “the juke.”

Game play transitions
Transitions happen every time a jammer exits or enters the pack, which makes them an essential aspect of roller derby. We will practice different situations and review tips to make your transitions faster and smoother.

David vs Goliath
For smaller skaters who want to kick some ass. We will learn how to use our small size to our advantage, and how to turn someone else’s size against them. This will include some jukes, some hits, some crazy spin moves, and more! If you’re not tiny but want to join to spy on the midgets, you’re welcome as well.

Everything backwards
We will start by breaking down backwards skating form with the C-cut, then we will move on to side-stepping, stepping crossovers, rolling crossovers, crossovers as an acceleration tool, starts, stops, and finally how to put these skills into practice both as a blocker and as a jammer. We will also review how to properly use your upper-body to block backwards, while avoiding forearms and clockwise penalties.

Blockers helping jammers and jammers helping blockers
We often see the blockers and the jammers as having different jobs, when in fact, they have the same goal: winning. So we’ll learn all the collaborative strategies between blockers and jammers, so that everybody truly works as a unit. This will include offensive blocking, defensive jamming, passing the star, powerjams, and communication.

Jammer smarts
We will talk about jammer strategies in different situations, including powerjams, last minutes of a game, how to run the clock, how to keep the other jammer from scoring, etc. For jammers who like points!
This table will be used to discuss decision making processes for jammers, and how to think fast by absorbing the right information at the right time.

Off skates

Speed skating imitations
We will deconstruct the skating technique to improve the efficiency of each aspect, then put it all back together in skating imitation drills.

Periodization for roller derby
We will discuss how to divide your season into several phases to peak at the right time, and how to modulate volume and intensity to prevent overtraining and injuries.
– Off-season
– Pre-season
– Competitive season

Pre-hab for roller derby
Exercises to prevent injuries, particularly focusing on the lower body.

Banner photo (c) Bob Ayers.

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