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I will be going on the 2017 Red Bull Crashed Ice tour from mid-January to early March. My goal this year is to make 3 podiums and to be ranked high enough to secure my spot on the tour for next year.

But traveling to races is incredibly expensive, as the tour spreads over 4 countries and 2 continents. So I am looking for sponsors and individual backers to help me reach my goals.

This is my tentative racing calendar, which will mostly depend on how much money I can raise:

  • January 13-14: Red Bull Crashed Ice @ Marseille, France
  • January 20-21: Red Bull Crashed Ice @ Jyvaskyla-Laajis, Finland
  • January 28: Riders Cup @ Rautalampi, Finland (TBC)
  • February 3: Red Bull Crashed Ice @ St Paul, USA (update: not doing this one)
  • February 18: Riders Cup @ La Sarre, Canada (TBC)
  • February 25: Riders Cup @ Bathurst, Canada (TBC)
  • March 3-4: Red Bull Crashed Ice @ Ottawa, Canada

I’m working on a detailed budget, but I know the season will definitely cost a lot more than $5,000. So I am setting this as my fundraising goal for now, which will include donations from sponsors and individual backers. I will keep updating this page as I go, so feel free to come back here and share this with your friends.

For individual backers, first, you are amazing. Second, your name will appear on my list of backers on this website, and I will help you with any training question you may have. So if you’re a roller derby player looking for some advice, I’d be happy to help you.

For sponsors, feel free to get in touch with me to discuss how we can mutually help each other. Racers are allowed to have as many sponsors as they want and to have logos on their racing uniforms and helmets. There can be over 100,000 spectators at the bigger races (in the US and Canada typically) and there is a lot of social media exposure from Red Bull.

You can donate directly through Paypal, using the ‘friends and family’ option (no fees). Feel free to leave a note as well, including if you want the donation to be anonymous. Otherwise, your name, amount, and note will appear in my list of backers.

If you don’t have Paypal, feel free to contact me, so we can figure out a different type of payment (cash, check, e-transfer, bitcoins, etc.)

Many thanks to my individual backers so far:

  • Alden Thompson, New Mexico, USA. $100
  • David Herrmann, Germany. 20 €
  • Caroline Brady. 20 €
  • Emily Quick, Minnesota, USA. $5
  • Stacey Harrod, Hawaii, USA. $20
  • Anne-Laure Chappat, Australia. Aus$50
  • Tom Parrish, UK. 10£
  • Vanessa Luna, Colorado, USA. $20
  • Bruce Berna, Wisconsin, USA. $25
  • Casey Fields, California, USA. $25
  • Suzie Kaloyanis, Canada. $1
  • Helen Wheels, Colorado, USA. $10
  • Jennifer Billings, Florida, USA. $100
  • Tre Gaarder, Texas, USA. $5
  • Lauren Staples, Australia. Aus$20
  • Gary Martin, Illinois, USA. $25
  • Troy Lee Wertz, Georgia, USA. $25
  • Kane Strous, Australia. aus$20
  • Stacy Williams, Texas, USA. $10
  • Anonymous. $10
  • Mélanie Vives, France. 20 €
  • Heather Turner, Michigan, USA. $20
  • Ashleigh Lorch, Colorado, USA. $10
  • Derby Girls Designs. $10
  • Zephyr Edwards, Australia. aus$20
  • Danielle Ferguson, Canada. can$20
  • Robert McDougal, Australia. aus$25
  • Simi Daniels, Florida, USA. $5
  • Evija Graumane, Latvia. 20 €
  • Laura Cencetti, Switzerland. 50 €
  • Géraldine Fischesser, France. 20 €
  • Sarah Hesse UK paypal  20 €
  • Claire O’Connell, Ireland 10 €
  • Manzy Westhoff, Netherlands 10 €
  • Annika Ivarsson, Sweden 10 €
  • Bruno Jessin, France 50 €
  • Kealie Morrell, UK 5 €
  • Rebecca Mäenpää, Sweden 10 €
  • Jessica Guest, UK 25 €
  • Kathryn Wilkins, Australia aus$5
  • Mindy Craig Australia  aus$20
  • Hiba Marhfour, Australia aus$30
  • Ketta Scheuerlein, Australia aus$30
  • Anonymous, Australia aus$50
  • Anonymous,  Australia aus$50
  • Dianna Vervaecke, Canada  can$25
  • Tim Burns Colorado, USA $25
  • Bruce Berna Wisconsin, USA $25
  • Nancy Donnelly, USA $5
  • Nicole Graham, USA $10
  • Shari Salaz, USA US 50



Video of one of my races last season.

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