I’m finally in the US, after a week of waiting in the oh-so-exciting Canadian border town of Sarnia, Ontario, where the average age is about 75 years old. Even if this unexpected delay to cross the border was a bit frustrating, it’s not that bad in terms of timing. Indeed, my new derby team just started practicing again last night, after a week-long post-playoffs break.
Yes, I did say “new team.”

As you can imagine, playing with Denver is a little unrealistic due to the distance from Milwaukee, which is where I’m moving to join a full time short track speed skating program. On top of that, I didn’t want to return so late in the season and take the spot of another jammer who’s been working for it all year.

So I decided to transfer to the Division 1 team the closest to Milwaukee: Windy City.
The plan was originally to do a “low key” transfer, where I would start practicing right away, but wouldn’t be added to the roster, so I wouldn’t take someone else’s spot. As it turns out, they were losing a jammer anyways who recently found out she’s pregnant, so I’m being added to the Windy City charter. That means I might get a bit of playing time at Champs, which I’m really excited about, since I only played one sanctioned game this season. I know I have a lot of things to figure out right now, both on and off the track, but being back in the US and starting to practice again really feels like Christmas came early.

The future is a bit unclear at this point, as I’m only allowed to be in the US until December 20 and I don’t qualify for an athlete visa for speed skating. But hopefully, I’ll work out my immigration issues and settle into my new life in Wisconsin/Illinois without having to worry about that anymore.

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